Forget the electrician from a few decades ago. When handsome guys turned their head around after your grandmother, the electrician just knew how to change a broken switch. Today the boundaries between electric and electronic start to become fuzzy and the electrical education for the ambitious person who wants to enter the huge field of the new technology will need a profound and lengthy training.
These days many choices can let your heart beat a greater pace when you view all the exciting prospects that require a modern type of electricians. Especially the combinations of unrelated disciplines are an attractive choice for the multitalented person. It is not the narrow minded knowledge that just enables you to repair a Pearland air conditioning but the broadened spectrum of expertise that opens up a whole new perspective of the technical world of today. Why don’t you consider an emba or an engineering degree or a combination with a master of public administration? Nowadays blends of knowledge of electricity and nursing masters programs or masters in health administration even make sense when you have a peek into the complicate wiring of that costly equipment like an MRI and computer controlled equipment which dictates the modern procedures of our health system these days. Health outlived the Florence Nightingale age and turns now to accurate electronic controls to tell us our conditions and the outlook for the fastest recovery.

Today’s education can enable us to become an irreplaceable asset when it comes to all the adjoined areas of the main topic. If a company tries to market the free e cigarette, they will turn to capable electricians to make the device work. When on the other hand your knowledge of electricity makes you think that a fat burning furnace will need your expertise as an electrician or “amor de volta” means love your volt meter, you are on the loosing end. The quality of your education might be somewhat questionable. For that reason you always should evaluate the reputation of the school in the eyes of the person that works in that field already for years. Ask those people about their opinion of certain schools. They might have practical advice for you.

So what is required for an electrical engineering degree? The answer is a question: What do you want to do with the degree; in which field do you wish to apply your degree? The degrees can focus on certain angles and it is always advisable to have a clear vision on your final choice of jobs. Will you start as an electrician in third countries and work for the researching Melaleuca or is the high tech world your target? With a clear answer on your mind you can evaluate the schools one by one and compare the criteria, outlooks, reputations and requirements for each of them. Make a list and just pick the very one for you. Planning well is everything and a clear idea is what starts the dice rolling.