The definition of a supercomputer is a bit hard to pin down. In the layman’s terms, a supercomputer is any computer that is the fastest and the most powerful system in the world. Considering the rate at which technology is advancing, it is not easy to identify one computer as the global supercomputer. For example, during the World War II, Britain housed a supercomputer that could read 5,000 characters in a second. This computer was used to crack the German code. Today, NASA Columbia has a supercomputer that can complete 42.5 trillion operations in a second. Just as the ingredients of products for curly hair keep on changing, as technology advances, the supercomputer must up their performance else they become obsolete.

The fastest supercomputer as of September 2012 is the IBM’s Sequoia machine. It operates 16.32 petaflops in a second. That is a total of 16,000 trillion operations in one second. This computer is used for nuclear weapon security and for the calculations of molecular dynamics on a large scale.

What makes a computer super?

The main aspect that makes a computer fit the ‘super’ territory is having more than one CPU (Central Processing Unit). Having more CPUs means it will be able to execute tasks faster while switching circuits to accomplish more tasks at once. Such a computer is capable of summing up all the information relating to national high school education in a matter of seconds.

The supercomputer must also have a massive storage unit to access and store all the information. This computer will have the ability to handle vector arithmetic; calculate multiple lists of operations at the same time. This might sound more like the standard computer but considering it will handle more advanced applications and run most of the operations automatically makes it a whole new creation.

What are these computers used for?

The supercomputers are not only used for advanced and secret operations. Some of them are used for games and fun. Most online games that are played simultaneously like the War of Warcraft use supercomputers. All players need to do is visit website and start playing the game which runs from a single computer that manages thousands of moves simultaneously. Individual companies may also acquire their own supercomputers to run such applications as mac izle.

In the medical world, these computers are used to keep records as well as predict patient diagnoses as well as treatments. The IBM supercomputer, Watson, which beat Ken Jennings in a game of Jeopardy, is currently used in medical predictions. It can be used to predict the progress of bulging discs in patients and other health issues.

The supercomputers are also used in simulations especially by the military. The military uses these computers to determine the performance of new vehicles and weapons in the worst case scenarios. They also help in orienting soldiers so that they know how to react in different situations. Car accident lawyers may also use these computers to recreate an accident in order to defend their clients better.