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Factors to consider before getting an electrical engineering degree

It is true that medical and engineering students get a lot more appreciation that students in other areas of study. This is primarily because of the fact that these students have to spend a lot more time devoted to their studies than other students. Their social lives get disrupted mainly due to the fact that they have to study. It is a fact that young children often aspire to be doctors or engineers only because they think of these professions as something that has heroic properties. As a result of this, they often tend to ignore certain important things that absolutely must be considered before taking up any sort of engineering as a profession. In this post, I will discuss a few very important factors that need to be considered before an individual becomes an electrical engineer which can help you make your decision about the degree before you apply for it.

Time management:

Before getting into this field, it is essential to understand the importance that time management will have on your life. You see, in order to be a successful electrical engineer, you will need effective time management not only in your university time but also as a professional in the field. This is something very important as it can determine whether or not you will be a successful individual.

Complications with the degree:

Electrical engineering tends to get as complicated as time passes by. You see, with the advances in technological development, this form of engineering and its content tends to get complicated. The course material increases because of the fact that you need to know the basics along with which you absolutely need to learn about the latest developments in the field as well. This results in the course material increasing almost all the time.  If you believe that you can deal with the pressure, then this is the field for you.


Well, if you have made up your mind that you want electrical engineering as a career, you also need certain prerequisites from your pre university levels. You need a background in basic and advanced level physics. Mathematics is also something that you need to have good command over.  These are the basic requirements without which you cannot get into any college that offers a degree in electrical engineering. Of course, certain colleges have specific grade requirements pertaining to these prerequisites as well that need to be kept in mind before applying.

Extra courses:

Electrical engineers are required to have some level of understanding of civil engineering as well. You see, since electrical engineers are often needed to work side by side with civil engineers, they need to know how things work. You will most certainly be needed to take some extra courses in this regard as well if you wish to study electrical engineering.

These are a few of the very basic things that you need to know about electrical engineering before you apply to a university for a degree in electrical engineering.

Tips For Success That Electrical Engineers Wish They Knew As Students In College

Electrical engineering is not a course for the faint-hearted as you don’t just require mastery of technical skills but also a deep understanding of practicality. Electrical engineers are trained to create solutions and the ability to implement and evaluate them. Jobs in this field are vast, which draws many students to take up the said course. The success of electrical engineers often begins during their life as students. It is a course where your attitude in school plays a big role in your future success. Many students mistakenly choose to breeze through college without much attention to what lies after graduation. Next thing they know, they find themselves having a hard time placing a good job.
Like most science and engineering courses, electrical engineering is stereotyped for nerds and socially awkward individuals. That however is not the case. Aside from having critical thinking skills, numeracy and a strong grip of the field, personal competencies are also necessary. Hone your interpersonal skills and your ability to communicate effectively, as early as possible. Most electrical engineers will work in close proximity with other engineers and professionals; hence, great team-working skills are a must. Attend different events in school and elsewhere like, community resource and others to improve your ability to deal with individuals of all sorts.
Another tip is to take initiative to learn things you don’t tackle in your conventional engineering course, since it is not enough to be technically proficient. One of the most practical add-ons to your knowledge is being business savvy. You will be working for businesses and companies where you must have a sound understanding of basic business functions. You must know how to read an organizational chart, deal with colleagues from different departments, understand financial statements and insurance quotes, know how to negotiate deals and contracts and understand certificate info. You must know how to deal with lawyers, accountants and managers as you will surely work with them, the higher you get in your job. Educate yourself on humanities fields and general knowledge too. This will make you a better conversationalist and gives you an improved ability to connect with different individuals.
Whether you are working as the head of a team or not, electrical engineers must be good leaders. Problem solving, decision making, time and project management, critical thinking and job task planning all require a strong set of management and leadership skills.
Another useful tip is to create a portfolio of projects you have participated in. One example is to include all notable projects that you worked on throughout your course. Another is to participate in as many extra-curricular hands-on opportunities that your time allows. In that way, you have solid and well-presented qualifications to show to future employers while, others simply list their theoretical courses in their resume. Joining practical projects also helps you retain your knowledge better through your experience in actual applications.
Just like in all endeavors, the right connections are a great asset. Success needs a certain dose of luck which usually entails being at the right place at the right time with the right person. Join different associations and attend campus lectures when you can. Introduce yourself to speakers and get a list of alumni from your school, which are willing to connect with undergraduates. The key is to widen your network as much as possible. Meeting the right people can also potentially lead entrepreneurial endeavors and partnerships. If you intend to start a business through electrical engineering, you can avail of a small business loan to set things in motion.
Opportunities in the field of electrical engineering are indeed vast. From bio-engineering  computer science and aerospace to telecommunications, IT and transportation, electrical engineers are sought after professionals. It is because of the vast scope of this field that it is necessary to take preparatory steps even before graduating from school. Getting ready for becoming a successful electrical engineer should start as soon as you decide to become one.

Four Reasons You Need A Computer Science Degree

Computer science degrees are some of the most sought after types of college degrees during the last recent years because of the fact that computers have practically taken over our universe for a while now. All companies and all types of activities are making full use of and cannot go without using computers connected to the internet. Moreover, software development is a field that is gaining more and more followers as we speak, due to the fact that there seems to be a computer application for everything these days, and if there isn’t, one will definitely be invented soon. Mass production of items and goods, services, all of these are equally based on and sustained by computers, and hence it is easy to see why computer science degrees are so popular.

Why do you need a computer science degree? Enable us to offer you a few reasons that should sound plausible enough for you. Provided you are not entirely convinced you should get such a degree, you can always choose to visit site information offered by all colleges that are displaying these programs. Going here might not get you closer to finding some South Africa accommodation for the summer, but it could definitely help you better understand how can a computer science degree in one field or another help you build a Microsoft points application to keep an eye on your points.

The existence of a great number of jobs in the field and the pretty satisfying payments should be reasons enough why you could be thinking about getting such a degree. You are not going to be doing any intensive physical labor and your work will usually imply sitting in a cozy office, in front of a computer screen, building your applications or doing your research. You could be also thinking about the great degree of socialization that you shall get to enjoy, as current project no longer imply having to work on your won, for hours, in an isolated spot, but rather collaborate with your colleagues and complete genuine experience exchanges on a regular basis. There are also a lot of conferences and workshops your company might be sending you to, along with special training sessions that usually occur abroad. So get ready to do some real travelling and prepare your good night SMS and say goodbye to your free government cell phones, as you shall be able to afford the latest releases in the field.

Moreover, the wide array of job titles that are to be found out there and the different pay rates for each and every one of them ( IT, Tech Support, Web Designer, Web Developer, Team Leader, Administrator, Database Designer, Programmer etc) should be also reasons enough to be thinking of opting for such degrees in computer science. Buying your green surf shop items on going surfing in the middle of the afternoon could be also something that you could be doing – provided you choose a freelancing career in computer science.

The Best Colleges for Electrical Engineering Degree

In today’s world of high technology, electrical and technical personnel need to understand a wide variety of electrical and electronic systems. This program graduates from apprentice electrician, assembly technicians, laboratory technicians and technical experts to maintain the positions of the head and control the quality of work. Electrical distributors, manufacturers and wholesalers, we need competent and get more info, knowledgeable people, and hiring technical sales and support, systems integration design, and identify solutions to clients in the energy sector. Through a series of nuclear energy which is very dangerous to control, heat, hydro, wind and solar power generation. Success in the field of power generation because of the dedication of its growth and development of a solid foundation for graduate students. Electrical Engineering is a broad engineering discipline, involving the study and application of power electronics, and electromagnetism. It incorporates the study of specific issues such as electricity, electronics, control systems, signal processing and communications. To know more read full report.
The best universities in the United States for Electrical Engineering are the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University and the local Berkeley, the University of California Etc. Initially a student taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a Electrical Engineer. Department of Electrical Engineering was established in autumn 1902, 1973, changed its name in electrical engineering and computer science.
South Africa, an engineering course may be the right choice for you.. Here is a list of the top and best universities in South Africa staff, study abroad options, scholarships, colleges, programs, curriculum, learning Master of Business Administration, business administration, engineering, hotel management, art and design, film and media research Institute of technology, animation, computer and information technology and research in South Africa have more program. I had got the information from South Africa travel. There are many example websites to know the information. My portfolio was administration, and this translated into ensuring that all the essentials for the day-to-day running of the organization were in place. One thing should be mentioned that the flats to rent in Cape Town are very high. However, Beyond logistics such as transport and curriculum provision, this also entailed coordinating the frontline leadership and staff support which all of the education projects require to function effectively.
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, Michigan, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) between the Ministry of peak area of the country, about 100 courses in different programs, each semester, 90 faculty, 700 undergraduate and 600 graduate students. Research activities, which is currently about $ 34M annually in external financial support, is the largest project in the EU and CS.Electrical and Computer Engineering Department offers Master MSE, Ph.D. in computer science and engineering, electrical engineering in diploma. There are more than 600 graduate students to pursue the following characteristics: micro-circuits and systems, communications, control, electromagnetic, materials, intelligent systems, optical signal processing, software, solid, theory, and VLSI. Graduate courses in Computer Science and Engineering to provide the degree of enrichment in the following main areas: hardware systems, intelligent systems, software, theoretical calculations, VLSI and CAD (CSE). Some of the best electrical jobs in the industrial automation sector, this is the primary objective of the project, including programmable logic controllers, inverters, industrial networks, man-machine interface, robotics, instrumentation and motion control technology .